Serving at St James

Christians are committed to living lives of service, not just helping at church. Nevertheless, most St James people are involved in serving at church, whether through informal care, hospitality and friendship, or through the many rostered tasks that make church happen, or through leading or helping in our programmes. The Bible teaches that we have God-given gifts which we are to use so the church can fulfil its God-given work. Getting involved in serving is also a great way to get to know others, and to feel like you really belong. We’d love to discuss where you can best serve, according to your gifts, passions, availability and Christian understanding.

St James has many areas in which a person can serve depending on your own gifts, passions, availability and Christian understanding. These include:

Catering & Hospitality

Working with Children and Youth

Relationships, Welcoming and Follow up


One-to-one word Ministry

IT, Sound and Lighting

Manual Tasks, Set up, Pack up and DIY

Creative Skills, Craft and Multimedia

Organisation, Logistics and Management


Leading & Teaching for Large or Small Groups


Mercy Ministry: Caring for Sick, Poor and Vulnerable